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Board of Directors

The LGA Board of Directors is established under the LGA Constitution and comprises 10 members.

Members of the LGA Board of Directors include:

  • President (elected by all Councils);
  • Office of the Immediate Past President;
  • SAROC Chair
  • GAROC Chair
  • 3 Board Directors (elected by SAROC); and
  • 3 Board Directors (elected by GAROC).

The Constitution provides more detailed information regarding the composition, powers and election process for the LGA Board.

Click here to view the LGA Board Policies (login details required).

LGA Board of Directors meeting papers available here.

Current LGA Board of Directors:

LGA President Sam Telfer

Mayor Sam Telfer (President)

Mayor Gillian Aldridge
(Office of the Immediate Past President)

Mayor Kevin Knight

Mayor Peter Mattey

Mayor Peter Mattey

 Cr C McLaughlin

Mayor Clare McLaughlin

Mayor David O'Loughlin



Mayor Keith Parkes

Mayor Karen Redman 

Mayor Karen Redman
(GAROC Chair)



 Mayor Erika Vickery
(SAROC Chair)


  Mayor Jan-Claire Wisdom


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