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Opportunity to respond to the Native Vegetation Guidelines - Circular 13.1

To Chief Executive Officer
Environment Staff
Governance Officers
Parks and Recreation Staff
Planning - Building Staff
Sustainability Officers
Date 25 March 2019
Contact Stephen Smith
Response Required Yes Respond By 1 July 2019
Summary The Department for Water and Environment (DEW) and the Native Vegetation Council (NVC) have made amendments to the Interim Guidelines for the Management of Roadside Native Vegetation. The Interim Guidelines are open for council consultation until 1 July 2019.

Following changes to the Native Vegetation Regulations in 2017, the NVC released Interim Guidelines under section 25 of the Native Vegetation Act 1991 (SA).

Continuing from previous LGA communications, the Interim Guidelines are now in the second stage of the consultation process.

DEW and the NVC have made amendments to the Interim Guidelines based on feedback received from public and stakeholder consultation. The feedback indicated a level of concern from the public that the guidelines would allow increased clearance of significant vegetation. DEW notes some of this concern was related to a misunderstanding of what was permitted under the Guidelines.

The changes that have been made and endorsed by the NVC provide greater clarity on the provisions of the Interim Guidelines and address the issues raised throughout the consultation.

Here is an updated version of the Interim Guidelines for the Management of Roadside Native Vegetation(4076 kb).

For further background information and access to associated documents please visit the Department for Environment and Water’s website.

Comments from local councils can be sent to the Coordinator Governance and Policy, Native Vegetation Branch, Department of Environment and water, GPO Box 1047, Adelaide SA 5001.

If you are providing feedback, please provide a copy of your submission on the Interim Guidelines to Stephen Smith, Director of Policy.


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