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Election Signs – General Approval Guidelines publicly available on LGA website - Circular 16.1

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Date 15 April 2019
Contact Alicia Stewart
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Summary The LGA Election Signs—General Approval Guidelines are available on the LGAs public federal elections webpage.

The LGA Elections Signs – General Approval Guidelines are available on the LGA’s public federal elections webpage here:

Councils may wish to refer queries from candidates and members of the public to the publicly available guidelines.

Section 226(3) of the Local Government Act 1999 provides that a moveable sign related to a federal election may be placed on a road without the council’s permission provided that it is during the period between 5pm on the day before the day of the issue of the writ for the election and ending at the close of polls on polling day. The Guidelines provide that if signs are not removed within 48 hours of the close of voting they will be considered illegal signs. The issue of writ was 11 April 2019 and polling day is 18 May 2019.

For the purposes of the 2019 federal election this means moveable signs may be placed on a road between 10 April and 20 May 2019.

Note, the Guidelines cover permissions for roadside infrastructure owned by DPTI and SAPN. Councils may need to permit signs on council owned roadside infrastructure, if any (e.g. solar light poles). In considering permission, it is recommended councils consider the ability of candidates to distinguish between DPTI/SAPN infrastructure and council infrastructure and whether the same conditions in the Guidelines should be provided. 

For more information please contact Alicia Stewart (

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