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Why vote?

Voting in council elections is about voting for who decides about some key things that happen in your local community. Council elections are held every four years.

The people who get elected to the council will help decide what happens locally - your now, your future.

Each candidate standing for election to the council is likely to have different views about what should happen in your local community, and you can choose to vote for the person whose views are most like yours.

A list of the candidates for the next election and voting papers will be available from the LGA website ( Make sure you check your eligibility to vote: Enrol

Anyone can contact the candidates and talk to them about what they want for the area and why they want to be elected. Voters may decide that some candidates will be better at representing them than others.

By voting you can help influence what sort of place your community will be. It is about your future, so vote for the representative/s you want! Talk to other people and encourage them to vote too.

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