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LGA resources updated to reference Public Interest Disclosure Act - Circular 27.1

To Chief Executive Officer
Governance Officers
Date 2 July 2019
Contact Alicia Stewart
Response Required No
Summary The LGA has updated its website and various resources because the Public Interest Disclosure Act replaced the Whistleblower Act as of 1 July 2019.

On 1 July 2019 the Public Interest Disclosure Act commenced and replaced the Whistleblower Act 1993.

The LGA website and the following LGA resources for councils have been updated to replace reference to Whistleblower Act with Public Interest Disclosure Act:

  • Model Complaints Policy
  • Model Complaints Handling Procedure
  • Guide to Preparing and Maintaining Council Policies
  • Ombudsman Protocol

These resources have had references to Whistleblowers Act updated, but have otherwise not been reviewed or updated. Substantive review of these resources is scheduled for later in 2019.  

The following LGA resources for councils are currently under substantive review and the next release will include updated references to the Public Interest Disclosure Act:  

  • Fraud and Corruption Model Policy
  • ICAC information Paper #1 and #2
  • Financial Sustainability Audit Committees Information Papers
  • Financial Sustainability Financial Policies and Procedures Information Papers

For more information please contact Alicia Stewart (

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