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Local Government Research & Development Scheme – applications closing sooon - Circular 29.6

To Chief Executive Officer
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Recycling - Waste Management
Date 16 July 2019
Contact Shane Sody
Response Required No Respond By 29 July 2019
Summary Applications seeking funding for Local Government Research close at 4pm on Monday 29 July 2019

The Local Government Research and Development Scheme (LGR&DS) provides funding for projects that are strategically of benefit to local government as a whole.

The LGR&DS is now inviting submissions for funding, from "eligible organisations" i.e.

•    Local Government Councils;
•    Regional Local Government Associations;
•    Education institutions and Universities and/or employees of same;
•    Local Government Professional Bodies;
•    Local Government Unions;
•    State and Federal Government Agencies; or
•    Any other organisation interested in collaborating with Local Government.

with project proposals consistent with the Principles and Purposes of the Scheme. (See below.)

There is no fixed maximum or minimum for any project proposal. However, in past years the average sums sought and granted have tended to be in the range $10,000 to $30,000. This does not preclude proposals being submitted requiring larger amounts, but such applications face a proportionally greater burden to make the case for their proposed projects.

After the close of the submission period, the LGR&DS Advisory Committee is due to meet in August 2019, to review project proposals and make recommendations to the LGA Board of Directors. The Board, in turn, is due to consider the Advisory Committee's recommendations at its September meeting.

All applicants will be advised of the outcome of their submissions by Friday, 27 September 2019.

Applicant Guidelines

The Scheme has an Annual Business Plan for 2019-20. Applicants are encouraged to refer to the Annual Business Plan and reference it, where applicable, in any project application.
The LGR&DS Advisory Committee also provides Applicant Guidelines, to assist applicants to prepare their submissions.

All applications are to be submitted online.

Links to each of

  • the Annual Business Plan
  • the 2019 Applicant Guidelines; and
  • the on-line application site

are all available at:

Principles & Purposes

A key principle of the LGR&DS is that projects must be "for the benefit of Local Government as a whole". Failure to strongly address this principle can and does lead to rejection of any application for a project that would be of benefit only to an applicant Council, or only to a small sub-set of Councils.

The LGR&DS Annual Business Plan 2019-20 seeks to focus the attention of potential applicants on matters that will contribute to the advancement of local government.

Following consultation with LGA member councils, and a broad ranging environmental scan, the following objectives have been identified as key areas of research and development in 2019-20:  

  1. Increasing community awareness and participation
  2. Addressing cost pressures to keep downward pressure on rates
  3. Reducing red tape
  4. Improving financial management and sustainability
  5. Managing waste and recycling
  6. Supporting healthy and resilient communities

The LGR&DS Advisory Committee particularly encourages potential project proponents to align any funding proposals with either:

  • the objectives outlined above, or
  • other issues that may not directly align with the above but would nevertheless be considered useful research for the local government sector and their communities, provided such proposals are consistent with the Principles of the Scheme and at least one of the purposes of the Scheme as outlined within the Annual Business Plan and the Applicant Guidelines. (See above.)

Applicants must also cite the relevant "purpose" under which their application would qualify. The Principles and Purposes are contained within the Annual Business Plan and the Applicant Guidelines.   See above, or visit

If you have any questions about submitting your application, please contact:

  • the Scheme’s Executive Officer, Shane Sody on 8224 2036 or
  • the Scheme's Project Co-Ordinator Mathilde Thorsen on 8224 2057  or
  • email:

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