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Related Organisations

Local Councils network and collaborate at many levels to ensure effective information exchange and the best results for local communities. Click on the links below to find out more about these arrangements.

The LGA supports a number of bodies or "entities" to perform specific tasks for Councils at the State level.

Within SA, councils liaise and work together via regional organisations and the LGA Metropolitan Group and the country regional organisations work together via the SA Regional Organisations of Councils forum within the LGA.

There are similar bodies to the LGA in each State and Territory in Australia (and in most other Countries).

The State and Territory bodies in Australia are federated national to form the Australian Local Government Association.

Council staff also network closely in professional groups to exchange experiences and foster skills development.

LGA GAROC Committee

The  Greater Adelaide Regional Organisation of Councils (GAROC)  Committee comprises of eight members elected from the Metropolitan Region Group of Members.  They meet bimonthly to consider issues common across metropolitan councils.

LGA's Greater Adelaide Regional Organisation of Councils Committee Agendas and Minutes

LGA SAROC Committee

The SA Regional Organisation of Councils (SAROC) committee comprises of two members elected from each of the six Regional LGAs. They meet bimonthly to consider issues common across country SA.

LGA's SA Regional Organisations of Councils Committee Agendas and Minutes

Regional Local Government Associations

Local Government in SA is well organised in Regional Local Government Associations (RLGAs), which are independent associations. There are six primary RLGAs in country SA (these can be seen coloured differently on the Council Maps page) as well as the Greater Adelaide Region of Councils (GAROC). Representatives from the six country regions meet together as a committee called the SA Regional Organisations of Councils (SAROC). In addition there are other groups which meet around common geographic interests.




Australian Local Government Association

The Australian Local Government Association (then known as the Council of Australian Local Government Associations) was founded in 1947. It is a federation of associations in each of Australia's six states, the Northern Territory and the Government of the Australian Capital Territory.

The LGA of South Australia is an active participant in ALGA affairs.

For further information on the ALGA please click here:

Interstate Associations

Equivalent bodies to the LGA exist in every other State and Territory in Australia. For further information please click on the links below.

Professional Bodies

Refer to our professional bodies page.

Local Government Transport Advisory Panel

The LGA State Executive Committee established the Local Government Transport Advisory Panel (LGTAP) to propose and monitor a continuing program of projects for the prioritisation of funding under the SLRP. The LGTAP replaced the Local Roads Advisory Committee.

Stormwater Management Authority

The Stormwater Management Authority was established on 1 July 2007 under the Local Government (Stormwater Management) Amendment Act 2007.

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