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Waste levy - cost shifting

Waste management is one of the largest expenses for South Australian councils.

In 2015/16 alone, it cost local government more than $191 million.

Waste management facilities are some of the $22 billion worth of assets owned and maintained by local government. That’s a lot of maintenance.

But did you know this about your rubbish collection...

Every time you put your rubbish out, you are actually paying a State Government tax.

The Solid Waste Levy is a tax on landfill that is making your council rates more expensive.

Since 2003 the levy has grown from $5 a tonne to $87- and it will hit one hundred dollars next year.

This money is meant to be spent on improving recycling and helping the environment. But most of it is left sitting in a State Government fund that is now worth more than $100 million, and growing.

This year the Solid Waste Levy will cost ratepayers almost $30 million.

That's money that could be spent on local playgrounds, improving roads, or better library facilities.


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